Gas burner automatic safety controller TMG-740-3

TMG 740 controller is covered in a non inflammable polycarbonate transparent box.

It has circuit boards with the electronic components and assisted with a centeral processor, which programmed by a fully reliable and safe operating system software. the control commanding that come from the control unit, pass through the 24v Dc Relays.

Reset button an indicator lamp and centeral screw fastening are situated on the upper part of control box.

Technical Data

Supply voltage

220v (190-240v)

Ac frequency


Fuse rating

10A fast , 6A slow

Power consumption


Max current 4A per terminal

10A total

Min, ionisation current

5          A

Uv input

10        A

Flame detector cable

50 m normal cable

100m screened cable


Uv tube

100m normal cable

200m screened cable


800 gr

Mounting attitude


Insulation standard


Permissible ambient temp

-20oc – +60oc

Pre purge time with air damper open

30 sec

Pre ignition time

3 sec

Valv2 dealy

6 sec (adjustable) 10 sec

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