Atmospheric ignitor G-100

Although this type of ignitor has a transparent cover like control boxes but it work only as a capacitive discharge ignition transformers and generally used for the atmospheric gas burners and boilers. G-100 ignitor has ecuipted with a transformers that provided a high ignation power and it also incorporate a filter against conducted interference.


  • The control box is well protected by a tough transparent polycarbonate casing. The plug in control box incorporates the, flame check and reset circuits.
  • The reset button, an indicator lamp and the central screw fastening are situated on the upper part of the control
  • Remember that a long ignation cable connected to the ignitor can lead to a discharge energy reduction, because of the production of a parasitic capacity between the cable and the nearby ground.
  • Avoid laying the ignition cable next to other conductors energy transfer between close conductors due to parasitic capacity phenomenon could damage connected electric and electronic devices.

Technical Data

Operating voltage

220v (±15%) 50HZ

Operating temp.range


Recommended electrode gap


Output peak voltage

15 KV

Spark frequency


Duty cycle in 2 minutes




Power consumption

5 VA

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