TF701 Oil Burner Automatic Safety Controller Box


The TF-701 oil burner safety control box is suitable tor oil burners up to 30 kg/h capacity.

The control box circuitry is protected by a tough transparent polycarbonate casing.

The plug in control box incorporates the electronical timer, flame check and reset circuit.

The reset button, an indicator lamp and the central screw fastening are situated on the upper part of the control box.

A central fixing screw locks control box to the wiring base.

Technical data

Operating voltage: 220v (-+15%) 50HZ (40-60HZ)

Fuse rating: 10A fast, 6A slow

Power consumption: 3 VA

Max. Current rating input terminal: 4A total 6A

Pre-purge time: 12 sec

Pre-ignition time: 12sec

Lockout safety time: 10 sec

Delay time to oil valve V2: 24 sec

Reset time from lockout: 2 sec

Recommended ambient operating temperature for control and flame detector: -10 to +60

Net weight: 180g

Flame detector: photo resistor FZ 711S, FZ711 Shokouh

Mounting position: any

Technical features

1. Flame detection

Flame detection is carried out by a well-insulated ionization probe which is made of a temperature resistant material. (Material and insulation same as for ignition electrode).

Flame detection by way of an ionization probe is only possible in conjunction with mains supplies which provide a neutral earth connection.

2. Burner control

Functional check of the air-proving switch before the start and monitoring of air pressure during pre-purge as well as during normal operation. In normal use switch contacts with a rating of 220v/4A are sufficient.

Commission and routine checks

1. Important notes:

- On commissioning it is advisable to carefully check the wiring according to the appropriate diagram. Incorrect wiring can damage the unit and endanger the installation.

- The fuse rating has to ensure that the limits specified in technical data will not be exceeded. If these precautions are not observed, the effect of a short circuit can cause severe damage to the control and installation.

- For safety reasons a minimum of one control shut down per 24 hours has to be ensured.

- Disconnect the mains before the control box is plugged in or out.

- The control box is a safety device and must not be opened.

2. Safety:

For safety reasons the flame detection system should be tested on commissioning the installation as well as after a service or longer shut down.

a) Start – up with covered flame detector: After lockout safety time, Lockout

b) Start-up with exposed flame detector: After 20sec. pre-purge: Lockout

c) Normal start-up; with burner in the “run” position cover up the flame detector: New start-up, after end of lockout safety time Lockout.

3. Troubleshooting

Burner not working:

- Faulty electrical wiring, thermostat circuit open. Burner starts, flame not established=Lockout.

- Stray light on flame detector

No ignition or no fuel

Burner starts, flame established and after safety time flame is not stable and goes off.

- Flame detector dirty or faulty

- Insufficient light on detector