Shokouh Oil Burner Filters

Oil burner filters are important to keep trash out the burner gun and blocking the nozzle. A dirty filter can also choke the system from firing properly by preventing the correct amount of oil flow for reaching the nozzle.


- Suitable for finer filtration

- Stainless steel with the high regulation mesh (80 pit/inch)

- Can be reusable after washing and cleaning the filter

- Filtration capacity: 500L/hour

- Compact design

- Standard sized models

- 6 bar tested


Oil filters should be changed on at least an annual basis.

More if the oil or oil tank is of poor quality. It is also recommended that the oil burner or oil boiler be shut down when oil delivery is made.

As the oil is pumped from the tank it stirs up trash in the bottom of the tank. If the burner or boiler is running this trash is sucked into the oil line and goes straight to the filter where it can block the filter.

Also improper oil filtering may damage the oil pumps therefore pump manufacturers highly recommend to the users that in addition to using suitable filters clean or change them regularly.

Technical Dimensions