GO811 Gas Oil Burner Controller Box


Go811 is covered with a non-flammable polycarbonate transparet cover.
Go811 has circuit boards with the electronic companents.
The reset button, an indicator lamp and the central screw fastening siutated on on the upper part of the control box.
A central fixing screw locks control box to the wiring base.

Technical data

Operating volt.:  220 v -+ 15% 50 (40-60HZ)
Fuse rating: 10A fast, 6 A slow
Power consumption: 4 VA
Max current rating output terminal: 6A total 10A
Ionisation current: 5 A
Flame detector Ionisation probe: UVZ2, QRA2
Weight: 180 g
Insulation standard: IP44
Mounting position: any
Permissible work temp for controller and flame detector: -20 to + 60 (°C)

Commissioning and service/ maintenance

1. Important remarks

- Before commissioning, the wiring has to be accurately checked. Faulty wiring can damage the unit and endanger the safety of the installation.

- The mains fuse has to be selected so that the limit values indicated under “Technical specifications” are under no circumstances exceeded. Non- compliance with this regulation can have very serious consequences for the control unit and for the installation in the case of short-circuit.

- For safety reasons, at least one control shut down per 24 hours must be assured.

- The control unit must be plugged – in or – out only when the mains supply has been disconnected.

- Automatic burner safety controls are safety devices and must not be opened.

2. Functional check

During commissioning and after an overhaul of the burner, the following checks have to be carried out:

a) Starting test with closed manual valve and bridged gas monitor contact:

- The device must go into a fault condition after the safety period has elapsed.

b) Close the manual valve in operating position with the gas monitor contact bridged.

- The device must go into a fault condition after a flame failure.

c) Air pressure monitor contact interrupted:

- Device goes into a fault condition

d) Bridge air pressure monitor contact before starting:

- Device must bot start.

3. Troubleshooting

Burner does not go into operation:

- Electrical connection defective.

- Thermostat or gas monitor “off”

- Air pressure monitor defective, respectively, not in starting position. (Working contact must be open)

- Connection terminal 1 to terminal 9 interrupted

- Main voltage < 180v

The automatic control switches to fault condition shortly after the start of the pre- purge time:

- Air pressure monitor contact does not close.

- No load on terminal 5.

- Flame signal.

Automatic control switches to fault condition during the preparing:

- No flame formation (ignition missing, valve does not open, etc.)