G100 Atmospheric Gas Burner Ignitor


Although this type of igniter has a transparent cover like control boxes but it work only as a capacitive discharge ignition transformers and generally used for the atmospheric gas burners and boilers.

G-100 igniter has equipped with a transformers that provided a high ignition power and it also incorporate a filter against conducted interference.


- The control box is well protected by a tough transparent polycarbonate casing.

- The reset button, an indicator lamp and the central screw fastening are situated on the upper part of the control box.

- Remember that a long ignition cable connected to the igniter can lead to a discharge energy reduction, because of the production of a parasitic capacity between the cable and the nearby ground planes.

- Avoid laying the ignition cable next to other conductors energy transfer between close conductors due to parasitic capacity phenomena could damage connected electric and electronic devices.


Technical data

 Operating voltage: 220-240/50-60 HZ

 Operating temp. Range: -20 to +60 ( C)

 Recommended electrodes gap: 3-5mm

 Output peak voltage: 15 KV

 Output peak current with short circuit secondary: 250mA

 Output current: 3mA

 Spark frequency: 200HZ

 Duty cycle in 2 minutes: 50%

 Power consumption: 5 VA

 Weight: 180gr


Circuit diagram of G-100

سیم بندی رله اتمسفریک G100