Shokouh COF1 and COF2 Ignition Transformers

High frequency COF1 and COF2 ignition transformers

The Shokouh high frequency ignition transformer has been designed for use with oil, gas and dual fuel burners of small to medium rating and has been produced in 6 models namely “Technical data table”.

- The general version has been designed on any type of burner, from the dimension point of view.

- Due to low power consumption and very few internal losses this transformer can continue its operation, several times more than necessary for the burner.

- According to the type of design, this transformer has outstanding performance.

- All types can be supplied with filter to minimize the emission of electromagnetic interference

- All the Shokouh transformers are guaranteed for one year.


Installation instruction

- In order to prevent the radio interferences, the outlets cables should be selected from suitable type with high voltage, and avoid unnecessary lengths.

- Spark gap at the ignition electrode shall be adjusted on the basis of burner type and table of specifications.

- Other cables should not run as close together with the transformers cables.

- Because of high voltage of outlets do not touch the transformer or put conductive objective near to the unit during operation.

Technical Data Table


COF1 Technical Diagram

نقشه فنی ابعاد ترانس COF2 شکوه

COF1 Technical Diagram


نقشه فنی ابعاد ترانس COF1